Blessing Salim

I have received more messages and been tagged in more comments than I can count, let alone respond to, asking for ways that people can support and bless us and some of the things that Salim needs for his care. Instead of responding to all of the individual inquires, I’ve put together this list. Most things are available on our Amazon Wish List (see below), but not all. For things not on our wish list, please email for a shipping address.

Please know that nothing is expected and everything, including your prayers and encouraging words, is extremely appreciated. We’ve been blessed so much through this entire journey and are so grateful!

Amazon Wish List

  • Lots of our wishes are available on Amazon and have been complied on our Amazon Wish List. If you purchase something off this list it will automatically ship to our address. Please be sure to include your name so we know who it is from! 🙂

Feeding Tube Supplies

Tubifast Garments (we use the shirts, pants and gloves)

EB Supplies (most commonly used)

  • Over the counter supplies: Desitin (zinc oxide), coconut oil, bactroban, hand sanitizer (alcohol free for Salim), alcohol swabs to clean supplies, gauze pads to drain blisters, Aquaphor, Beauty Counter body butter (see below)
  • Specialized supplies: Mepilex Transfer, Mepilex Lite, Restore Flex, 25 gauge needles to drain blisters, Tubifast (red and green line), Conco gauze (1 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch)

BeautyCounter (my friend Patrice Williams sells BC and can hook you up!

  • Body Butter – this is amazing for Salim’s skin!
  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash – either the regular or kids’ versions are great

Kickee Pants Clothing

  • Collared shirts – These are his FAVORITE! He loves wearing his “fancy shirts” 🙂
    • Size 4T and above
  • Other shirts and tops – He wears Kickee shirts almost exclusively (including tops to PJ sets as normal shirts, cause why the heck not?) because they are so soft and sometimes more importantly, so stretchy! It can be hard to get clothes over his head without shearing the skin off of his nose, cheeks and ears.
    • Size: He can wear 3T – size 5 right now, the bigger the better
  • Pants and shorts – These aren’t quite as vital as tops are since his legs and feet are fully bandaged, but he still loves his soft kickee bottoms!
    • Size: 2T – 3T right now (he’s much smaller on the bottom!)
  • PJs – Honestly, he wears Kickee PJs are regular clothes all the time! If PJ sets, shorts are best since he gets overheated so quickly (so many bandages!). If one piece, he can’t do zippers. Aside from that, anything is appreciated!
    • Size: Varies, but the bigger the better. Definitely no smaller than 3T

Court date!

Last step state-side is COMPLETE! I have a court date! I will be getting on a plane at the end of February to travel to my Chai-loving little boy!


I am planning for about 3-4 weeks in India. Butterfly S will be coming into my custody near the beginning of the trip and we will spend our time in India getting to know each other, navigating different appointments to do paperwork, and finalizing the adoption!

Packing to be in India for a month is not easy…packing to be in India for a month with a child with EB is NO JOKE. EB complicates everything and there is so much more to think through. In addition, figuring out how to tube feed on the go and possibly even on the flight home adds another layer of complication. But my butterfly is so worth it.

Many have asked about ways they can support us as it gets closer to time to bring S home! We have been incredibly blessed so far and are so grateful to everyone has supported us! There are a few things remaining on S’s Amazon Wish List – mostly all things related to his EB and feeding tube. Please feel no obligation…I share this for those who have asked and with no expectation 🙂

The best way that you can support us is in prayer. I have shared my top 3 requests below. Be sure to join our Facebook Group for the most up-to-date requests and updates.

Top 3 Prayer Requests

  • For S’s heart as his foster home does their best to prepare him for adoption. It is going to be an incredibly difficult transition for him – I am a stranger and will be taking him away from all he has ever known. Having to inflict pain on him during dressing changes while we form an attachment will make things even harder.
  • For S’s foster brothers/sisters and his caregivers – they love him very much and I know that even though they are excited to see him join his forever family, they will miss seeing him on a daily basis.
  • For my heart as I make final preparations, get things in order for his insurance coverage, in-home nursing care, childcare and other things that could be confirmed until right before court, wrap things up with clients and resist the urge to hop on a plane right now 🙂

Thank you for your encouragement, love and prayer throughout this entire process! We have been incredibly blessed by friends, family and even people we have yet to meet. So many communities have rallied around us and it’s been incredibly beautiful to witness…we are so grateful! I will try to post at least one more time before I get on that plane 🙂


No Objection!

NOC…three little letters that mean so much! NOC is “No Objection Certificate”, which literally means that India has no objection to me adopting my butterfly! This is the last layer of approval before court, which I will go to India for! It will take a little bit for me to get a court date, and I hope to travel to India in March. I have decided to stay in India throughout the duration of the process (as opposed to going for court, coming back home, and going back for pick up). I will be there for about three to four weeks with my little guy in my custody for the majority of that time. As I prepare for travel, I am working hard to finish up S’s room! I get to send him a photo book to introduce him to his mama and new home now that I’ve received NOC. He is in the care of wonderful, loving foster parents and ayahs who will read his book to him, show him all the photos, and prepare him for adoption to the best of their abilities. It’s a huge transition that he will never be fully ready for, but I rest a bit easier knowing that he is receiving the best possible care while waiting for his mama.

I have anxiously been awaiting NOC and it makes this all feel so much more real! My agency, WACAP, has been absolutely incredible and have fought for my son like he’s their own. They have been urging India to expedite my case due to the medical needs of a child with EB, which I am so thankful for. I am also very thankful for the wonderful community of people who have rallied around me and my son! Old friends, new friends, and people I have yet to meet have all been huge supports throughout this entire, lengthy process. I am especially grateful for the “RTP Desi Moms” group – a group of Indian moms in my area who have been so helpful and encouraging! I am so grateful to have a community of people who can help me keep my butterfly connected to his Indian roots.

I have received many messages asking me how they can be involved and help. I have set up an Amazon Wish List for S (I cannot share his full name publicly until after we’ve passed court) with some needs and a few wants. I’m also always grateful for EB and feeding tube supply donations (especially for my time fostering in India!). Most of all though, I value your encouraging words and prayers. This is not an easy process and it is not easy to be so far away from your child day after day with little to be done about it. I’ve been actively in process since May 2017, which is honestly quite short compared to some India families, but S has held a very special place in my heart since long before then.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as travel gets closer! The best place to get the most up-to-date information is my private facebook group. You’ll need to request to join, but go ahead and do so and I’ll approve you as soon as possible! Thanks for being a special part of my journey!


2 years ago…

Almost exactly two years ago I was grieving the loss of an incredible, brave, kind little boy named Anton. Anton had EB and was adopted from Russia, and he was a close friend of my bud Jonah and the Williams family. He passed away shortly before his 6th birthday in December of 2015. My method of choice for processing and working out hard things is writing, so I began to write in hopes of beginning to process my heartache over Anton and my unconventional relationship with the EB community.  Earlier tonight I stumbled upon what I wrote and re-reading it gave me goosebumps. Who would have thought that a mere two years later I would re-read these words while in the process of adopting my butterfly?

Over the last 6.5 years, since I first learned of EB through Jonah, I have asked myself the same question so many times: WHY does this have such a profound impact on me? I have no reason to care so passionately about the EB community. I do not have EB. I do not have any family members who have EB. It would be easy and even logical to be saddened to learn of this disorder and then move on and not think much else about it. And I tried…but I couldn’t. I was first asked to pray for Jonah by my friend Andrew Boyd​ at a Young Life prayer gathering. He had just been diagnosed with EB and no one was sure if he was going to make it. He was constantly on my mind through the next few weeks. When he was about 3 months old I started nannying for an infant who just happened to be born on the EXACT SAME DAY as Jonah. While I went through the daily routines of infant care with baby Olivia, I couldn’t stop thinking of what it would be like if Olivia had EB and what it must be like for Jonah, Matt​, and Patrice​. I found myself praying without ceasing – when I changed Olivia’s diaper, I prayed for Jonah’s diaper and dressing changes. When I fed Olivia, I prayed for Jonah’s feedings, and so on. I felt so very deeply from the beginning. And Jonah has been a HUGE part of my life ever since. I’ve hung out with him through many dressing changes and baths and lanced some of his blisters. He has been, hands down, one of the biggest motivators for me in my own health battles and recovery. And over time my involvement moved beyond a love solely for Jonah and his family to the EB community as a whole. I joined forces with Patrice in spearheading Jogging for Jonah​, and in that time I have fallen in love with children I’ve never met and my heart has broken hearing their stories. I’ve had conversations with parents all over the world about how EB has impacted their lives for JFJ’s “Reasons to Hope” displays. I’ve prayed countless prayers and shed countless tears for them. BUT WHY? Yes, EB is heart-breaking and devastating, but many diseases and disorders are. I have heard of many and read many personal stories. Yet none have struck me in this same way. I have come to one conclusion: GOD IS DOING BIG THINGS. EB will forever be a part of my life. Perhaps Jesus will lead me to adopt a child with EB one day. Or perhaps my involvement will continue to remain in advocacy and fundraising. But I will not stop. God has a different purpose and calling for each of us in life, and I firmly believe that He intended me to be a part of this community. He has orchestrated an insurmountable number of details in order for that to be the case. It is hard. It means that I weep over children like Anton and grieve their losses. I feel deeply, but I move fiercely. I fight passionately. I love strongly. For Jonah, for Anton, and for so many more. And I will not stop. I refuse. 

God was doing big things then, and He still is. He has been preparing me for this journey long before it began. I’ve rejoiced and celebrated, and I’ve mourned and wept. And He has been in it all. He has been present in my joy and present in my tears, intricately weaving them all together to lead me to my boy.


As the second anniversary of Anton leaving earth to be with Jesus approaches, please hold the Delgado family (Jason, Vanessa, Kenya & Judah) in your prayers. I know they rejoice that Anton is free of pain and in the arms of Christ, but they still carry the pain of his physical absence with them every day ❤

Process & Funding Update

Happy Thanksgiving! Although I do not get on here to post updates as often as I’d like, today – a day of gratitude – seemed extremely fitting for an update. There really are not words to describe how grateful I am for the outpouring of love and support from family, friends (both old and new), friends of friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers. My butterfly and I are abundantly blessed.

Here’s a overview of my progress in my adoption journey…

  • I received CARA approval and accepted my referral!
  • I’ve received I800A approval, have completed and submitted my I800 and 864 and received lockbox notification
  • I’m finishing up my dossier…I have had issues with one form in particular and it has been returned to me twice already from the Secretary of State of MA. Praying that third time is a charm and I can finally get this dossier submitted in full!

And an overview of my funding…

  • Through fundraising (yard sale, visual aides fundraiser, puzzle fundraiser [which still has some left to go!], and product fundraisers like BeautyCounter), selling my possessions, and generous donations I have raised $17,378.86!
  • I received a $5,000 grant from my adoption agency, $5,000 grant from Show Hope and a $2,000 grant from Ephesians 3:20 Foundation!
  • I am currently the featured family for the month of November for the Ragini Project, and so far my grant has surpassed $1,000!

The day I realized I had broken $30,000 in funding was remarkable. I met that $30,000 goal on Orphan Sunday, a day set aside to stand up for orphans across the globe who cannot stand up for themselves, and found out the following day. A strange feeling of awe, love, shock, and overwhelming gratitude exuded from every cell in my being. Tears fill my eyes just thinking about it.

God made it clear to me that I was to take a giant leap out in faith and run hard after my boy, trusting that He would provide. I had far more than my fair share of doubts…sometimes I still do. And then I think about how He has orchestrated every single detail — from the day I wrote a check in faith without having received the funding, only to receive that exact amount within 24 hours of sending the check off, to the day I met my $30,000 goal — He has provided.

The reality is there will still be an incredible number of expenses I will incur through this journey of adoption. The time off work without pay (all except 1 week), extraordinary medical expenses of caring for a child with EB, increased health insurance deductible (from $2,500 to almost $8,000) for adding a dependent and many other expenses still feel insurmountable sometimes. I will continue to raise what I can and continue to trust that God will provide, just as He always has.

“For this child I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart.”
1 Samuel 1:27


Overwhelming Gratitude & Shopping with Purpose

I am overflowing with gratitude this Thanksgiving. When I started my adoption journey of my son, a “butterfly child” who has Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), I never could have imagined the incredible amount of support I would receive. People who I have not spoken to in years, complete strangers, and of course my wonderful friends and family have all rallied around me and I am closer by the day to bringing my little guy home. I thought that I would be scrambling to find things to sell and fundraisers to host through the holiday season, but I have received so much financial support already that I have decided to give back instead. There are hundreds of millions of orphans across the globe and not nearly as many adoptive families. Those who do choose to adopt face incredible financial barriers reaching over $30K per adoption. You’re going to spend money on gifts this holiday season, so why not SHOP WITH PURPOSE? I’ve listed and organized all kinds of shopping options this holiday season that will not only help you cross things off your shopping list, but also allow you to be a part of saving and changing a child’s life. Every single purchase will benefit an adopting family or organization supporting orphans.

Before you head off to Target or the mall, I encourage you to browse these gifts below. They’ve been organized for your convenience into the following categories: Gifts for Anyone, Gifts for Children, Jewelry & Accessories, T-Shirts & Clothing, and “All Mixed Up”. If you’re an adoptive family and have a fundraiser to add, please comment below with the link and I’ll try to get it added!

Thank you for shopping with purpose this holiday season! Enjoy!


Gobena Coffee – Delicious coffee that helps the Crawford family bring their child home from Japan!gift-box-4-650x650.jpg

Just Love Coffee – Coffee and adoption…does it get much better?!


Wire Chinese Character Ornaments – “These so so special to us as they are handmade in the same China village three of our children were cared for. We have a matching grant so every donation to our account is matched $ for $. We are so close to our goal! Donations are also tax deductible. Link to donate:…/adding-little-sis…/ Every donation is a blessing – but we suggest a $10 donation per set and $5 shipping total. Donate via our link then message me which ornament sets you’d like (photos of all sets are at the top of the linked page). Thank you for helping bring our little one home!”


Weighted Love
– Custom-made weighted blankets, lap pads, face masks, and bean bags designed to help create a calming and relaxing environment for kids, teens, and adults!


Knotted Nest Prints – Prints for the home and celebrate life and adoption!


Hand-crocheted blankets – Lots of items listed with the  possibility of custom orders as well! All proceeds help bring a sweet girl home from overseas.


Norwex – Norwex products are an effective way to clean without harmful chemicals, and by shopping through this link you will be helping bring a child home!


Starfish Ornaments – Beautiful starfish ornaments on red silk cord from China that come with a copy of the “Legend of the Starfish”


Globe Ornaments– Beautiful made-to-order globe ornaments will be beautiful on any Christmas tree!il_570xN.1358922386_n7a4.jpg

Custom Monogram – Made to order monograms on burlap, perfect for family home or a child’s room

il_570xN.1345110604_c3ue.jpg        il_570xN.1389458777_tjw4.jpg

Sound Sayings – Scripture and custom vinyl wall decor


Thirty One – Customizable bags and gifts for everyone on your Christmas list! All proceeds help a family bring their child home from Ghana!


Truffles – 12 days of truffles hand-dipped in real tempered chocolate. Order by December 15th!23722741_370023536756487_3667994102457839822_n.jpg

“Belong” – Adorable gifts for babies and parents!


Holiday Ornaments & Canvases – Hand-painted ornaments and canvases perfect for the holiday season!23722611_2005152726398175_392128799113954752_n-1.jpg

Burlap Totes – Handmade, made to order burlap totes


Boxed Sets of Cards – Beautifully embellished boxes sets of cards


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – Certificates good for one dozen delicious Krispy Kremes! Paypal $9 per certificate to

Bath Bombs – Homemade bath bombs and shower tabs


Stained Glass – Custom stained glass art that helps a family bring a sibling set home from Ukraine


Honeybaked Ham – 20% of every honeybaked ham gift card benefits adoption!

Personalized Pillows– Great gifts for home decor, children or anyone!

Ancient Coin Ornament – “We are selling these ancient coin ornaments as a fundraiser toward bringing our next child home from China. I make them from authentic ancient Chinese coins. The coins are from the Song Dynasty or the Tang Dynasty and many of them are over 1000 years old! No two coins are alike so they are truly a unique gift. They are each entwined with a symbolic red cord and come with a card quoting the Chinese Proverb: “An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet. Regardless of time, place or circumstance, the thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” They are $20 each and I have about 50 of them. Or you can pay through PayPal at and leave your address in the comments (or send it to me by email).”

China Heart – China-inspired soaps and more, including sweet soaps for kids with special surprises inside!


Felt Interactive Christmas Sets – Interactive Nativity Scene and Christmas Tree that allow children to engage with the holidays hands-on!



“Every Single Stitch” – adorable handmade stuffed animals, as well as fun kids hats and other crocheted items! Possibility for custom orders as well! All proceeds help bring a sweet girl from home overseas.


Personalized Elves – Personalized elves. $7 each or $6 each for orders of three or more. Shipping is only $3 for up to 6 elves! Boys have red hats and girls have green hats and red skirts. So adorable and fun. Message Kristina McAuliffe for more details and to order!


Dancing Waffles – Handmade peg dolls, made-to-order family portraits, every character you can think of, sports teams, and more!


Chalkboard Mats – Chalkboard mats! Perfect for long car rides, restaurants. Doctors appointments, etc.! A great way to keep your little ones busy and engaged. Made with soft flannel backing and chalkboard fabric on the front. Comes with an eraser and a piece of chalk.  23795920_10214230244246808_2986944645619557356_n.jpg

Beanie Babies – $14 each and help a family bring home their second child from China!


Personalized Crayons – Perfect for any child! $2 per letter plus $2 shipping. Message Connor Wilkinson to order


Girls’ Jewelry – A great variety of different necklaces for any little girl in your life!



SparrowDesign Leather Earrings – “We have these beautiful real leather earrings from #sparrowdesigns. These are uniquely handcrafted leather with nickel-free, metal alloy finish hardware. We only have 11 available. A pair of your choice will be gifted to you for a donation of at least $25 to our adoption fund. We are trying desperately to raise the fees we have due in December. These would make a beautiful gift for yourself or someone else! Send donations via PayPal friends and family to”

Amma’s Umma – An adorable shop with beautiful items; 50% of proceeds benefit adopting families and orphans!a03f02_75bca4f1f7224efeaebcccf8edbcdf6d-mv2.jpg


KEEP Collective – Custom-designed keepsakes …unique designs just for you!


Hand-crocheted scarves – Beautiful scarves with lots of items listed and possibility of custom ordered as well! All proceeds help bring a sweet girl home from overseas.


14K Gold Necklaces – “I’m still selling these circle necklaces. They are 14k gold – filled charm & chain, 16 ” in length. I have about 8 left. $21 (includes standard shipping to US)” Message Bekah Brown for more info.


Upcycled Mittens – Warm and eco-friendly mittens where each pair is truly one-of-kind!


Origami Owl – Custom jewelry, including “living lockets”


Warhurst Family Adoption Jewelry – Haitian-made and hand-stamped jewelry



Knotted Nest Jewelry – Handmade, beautiful jewelry gifts that celebrate motherhood and adoption! isla_280x280.24983530_a8oyxcqs.jpg

Pendant Necklaces – Large and small pendant necklaces, beautiful images and inspirational quotes! 100% of proceeds help bring a family’s baby home from China


“Bracelets By Sissy” – A 16 year old is making jewelry to benefit the adoption of her younger sister from China!





Funky Socks – Set of three, plus for every set bought, a pair will be donated to the family’s local homeless community! Great gifts for men, women, and children alike! (Many families are selling these – Halterman FamilyLi FamilyCrawford Family, Gardner Family, Fishburn FamilyPhelps Family)

Funky Socks

Amma’s Umma – An adorable shop with beautiful items; 50% of proceeds benefit adopting families and orphans!a03f02_73a9737cad254b88ba234a30d433f00a-mv2.png

Warhurst Family Adoption Apparel – Shop apparel by positive messages!


Superheroes are Adopted – Buy this sweet shirt to help fund the Hoffman’s adoption and show love and encouragement to your favorite adopted kids. Tshirts, baseball tee, long sleeves, and hoodies available in multiple colors!

Christmas Shirts & Hoodies – Long sleeve, short sleeve, and hoodies. Available until Monday, 11/27560.jpg

Chinese Lantern Tshirts – Available in navy and orange and benefits the Willis Family adoption900_45238aa0-aadf-482b-bbc1-fa5233000355_45013814-fdae-47f4-945c-c94ebe9ea957_aae036c4-f36f-4c5f-b376-e0e694320656.jpg

“Joyful” Shirts & Hoodies – Spread some holiday cheer all winter long with this JOYFUL shirt. Your purchase helps a little boy into his forever home! Short & long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts available.560-1.jpg

“Hope in the Making” – Six pages of shirts and sweatshirts for men, women, and children! IS7IovlOrPK-6EBUpxxHVQ_store_banner_image.png

“Family is Grown in the Heart” – Unisex, women’s fit, and youth tshirts available in multiple colors! 900_6dfbd14a-b386-48f6-98ef-bb836a61a1c3_6ffa2165-a4f0-4fb6-aa09-f6347a32f640_aae036c4-f36f-4c5f-b376-e0e694320656.jpg

“Hope Changes Everything” – Hoodies, long sleeve, short sleeve, and youth sizes available! Helps a family bring their child home from the Philippines.


“Peace on Earth” 3/4 Length Shirts – All proceeds help bring a teenage girl with Down Syndrome home from Eastern Europe! Available until 12/10/17 and will ship for Christmas900_297e1647-dd38-407c-861d-bcfa26dda546_c47f4931-4cbe-406c-99bc-e8bcfb7f16a3_aae036c4-f36f-4c5f-b376-e0e694320656.jpg

Patriot Threads – Use code MCCLANADOPTION at checkout when you order a shirt or tie and get free shipping plus a percentage donated to the family’s adoption!


China Love – Unisex short & long sleeve shirts and youth tees


“Faith Moves Mountains” – Unisex long & short sleeve shirts, youth tees, and hoodies! Multiple colors available


“FictiveFair” – So many tees to choose from! Baby, youth, and adult sizes available!


#MomLife – “Wiping Noses & Forgetting Names” and “Wiping Butts & Forgetting Names”, available in unisex long & short sleeve, women’s fit & pullover hoodies900_45238aa0-aadf-482b-bbc1-fa5233000355_e6ddf833-718e-44c6-927a-2979e940005c_aae036c4-f36f-4c5f-b376-e0e694320656.jpg

“Joy to the World” shirts – unisex long and short sleeve tees and youth tees available


“Love Makes a Family” – Benefitting a family bringing their little girl home from China


“ALL MIXED UP” … lots of different items! The more the merrier!

“Shop for Adoption” – A Facebook group with lots of items for sale that benefit a family’s adoption!

“Bringing China Home” – An online auction that runs through 12/3, all proceeds help a family bring their son Ryker home from China

“The Newby Trifecta” – online auction with items for women, t-shirts, jewelry, and ornaments

“FictiveFair” – Tees, mugs, and more!

“We’re Going to China” – A family’s facebook group with lots of items to sell!

“Bringing Home Kai” – Online auction starting 11/27 and going through 12/1. Lots of Down Syndrome pride items!

“One Mission” Warhurst Family Fundraiser – Lots of beautiful items for sale, 40% will benefit the Warhurst Family’s adoption!